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Web Site Hosting and Domain Names

DAVINCI DIGITAL DESIGN has available Website hosting and domain name generation as well as providing SSL Certifications for your sites.

Web Site Hosting

Here at DAVINCI DIGITAL DESIGN, we use ICD Soft servers for hosting.  Below is a list of our prices and renewal fees for a small website, bushiness website and a premium dedicated server website.

1 year Renewal Monthly Rate Monthly Renewal Rate
Small Website $48 $36 $4 $3
Buisness Website $75 $60 $6.25 $5
Premium Website $2,000 $1,700 $166.67 141.67

Here is a comparison of the 3 different plans:

Small website Hosting Buiseness Hosting Premium Hosting
Disk Storage 1 GB Disk Storage 100 GB Disk Storage 100 GB on SSD
Data Transfer 20 GB /mo Data Transfer 1000 GB /mo Data Transfer 5000 GB /mo
Subdomains 15 Subdomains 150 Subdomains 1000+
MySQL Databases 10 MySQL Databases 100 MySQL Databases 1000+
Domain Parking 5 Domain Parking 50 Dedicated CPU 2 cores @ 2.30 GHz
FTP Sub Accounts 15 FTP Sub Accounts 150 Dedicated RAM 6 GB

Here at DAVINCI DIGITAL DESIGN we also provide Hosting and Maintenance Plans.  Contact Us for different plans and rates.

Domain Names

Domain names are used to make IP addressess more friendly and easier to read.  Instead of it saying you would have the name of www.yourwebsite.com.  There are various types of domains from .com, .net, .co, .org and many more.  While .com is the most prevalent handcuffing others to point to the same address is a smart thing to do.  Below is the pricing for a domain name.

Service Price
Domain purchased/renewed with a First Class plan $0.00
Domain purchased with a Business plan $5.00
Domain purchased with a Business plan $4.35
Domain purchased/renewed with an Economy plan $10.00

Secure Socket Layer or SSL

Plan on having a eCommerce store or just want your site to be verified and secured?  A SSL is required.  There are various costs and fees for a SSL as well as layers of security.  For more information on what kind of SSL you need please contact DAVINCI DIGITAL DESIGN

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